Digital Forensics


One platform for superior visibility and enterprise-grade prevention, detection, and response across your attack surface, from endpoints and servers to mobile devices.

Discover, Protect, &Evolve Every Endpoint

While a distributed digital landscape breeds new opportunities for today’s businesses, it also gives rise to new cybersecurity challenges. Endpoints remain a key attack vector for malicious actors seeking deeper access to your network. Today’s security teams need flexible and robust prevention, detection, and response to secure every endpoint, no matter where they are in the world.

Know Your Attack Surface

Understand the true expanse of your enterprise assets and identify, then dynamically protect, any unmanaged endpoints.

Know Your Attack Surface

Centralize data and workflows from across your estate into a single view for extended visibility and control of enterprise endpoints.

Know Your Attack Surface

Accelerate your response to malware, ransomware, and any other emergent threats that detection mechanisms pick up autonomously.


Singularity Ranger is a real-time network attack surface control solution that finds and fingerprints all IP-enabled devices on your network. Understand the risks they pose and automatically extend protections. Zero additional agents, hardware, or network changes required.