Actionable Intelligence For Cybersecurity

Genians has reimagined Network Access Control to maximize network security and IT operational effectiveness by leveraging its distinct Device Platform Intelligence (DPI).

DPI provides extremely accurate IT asset identification/classification based on its robust DPI, which allows for the full interrogation and gathering of all device platform information, combining technology-specific with business-contextual and risk-level data. DPI can enrich the way to manage IT security policices at a granular level.

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Essential Cybersecurity Solutions

Delivers the major solutions that encompass both IT security and operations management very effectively

  • Network Surveillance
  • Network Access Control
  • IP Address Management (IPAM)
  • Switch Port Management
  • WLAN Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • IT Security Automation

Multi-layered Access Contro

Delivers the major solutions that encompass both IT security and operations management very effectively.

  • Layer 2: ARP Poisoning (using Network Sensor)
  • Layer 3: TCP reset (using Mirror Sensor)
  • Layer 3: Inline enforcer (Dual-homed Gateway)
  • Agent: NIC/Power Control, Alert Popup
  • Built-in RADIUS server (802.1x)
  • Built-in DHCP server
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Integrates a wide range of IT security and business solutions (Firewall, IDS/IPS, VM, MDM, SIEM, APT, DLP, CMDB etc.) into each enterprise’s Policy Server to ensure unified policy enforcement. Genian NAC supports custom integration using SNMP, Webhook, REST API, and Syslog.


Monitors your network through personalized dashboards (Over 100 custom widgets to meet your network management needs).

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Simple! Genian NAC license model is based on the number of active devices. Nothing else


Genian NAC uses Layer 2 based non-disruptive sensing technology powered by its Device Platform Intelligence

  • Validate device platform information via the cloud
  • Delivers the most accurate up-to-date device platform information to Policy Servers on a weekly basis
  • Establishes security policies based on Node information collected by Network Sensors and Agents
  • Distributes established policies to Network Sensors and Agents
  • Integrates with user database and third-party security solutions
  • Includes Built-in DHCP, RADIUS, Syslog serve
  • Scans and assesses networks (Wired, Wireless, Virtual)
  • Detects all SSIDs by listening wifi signals
  • Identifies who is accessing enterprise-owned, neighbor or rogue APs
  • Enforces access control policies
  • Supports 802.1q Trunk Port
  • Manages installed HW/SW information
  • Detects state changes in real time
  • Performs incremental updates
  • Controls all desktop configurations
  • Provides Wireless Connection Manager (EAP-GTC)
  • Supports Windows/macOS /Linux
  • Lightweight Agent